Aidan’s projects

Aidan would like to share his completed Ancient Egypt project and his science project; a fact file about the praying mantis. Aidan said he has¬†found it really interesting to learn all about Ancient Egypt and that he has enjoyed learning about Tutankhamun the most. He has also said he would love to visit the wonderful country and see the pyramids of Giza and Tutankhamun’s tomb!

Well done for all of your hard work Aidan РI can tell that a great deal of time and effort has gone into the research and presentation of your projects.  

Simran’s update

Today, I received an update from Simran’s mum about some of the activities that she has been doing at home.

Simran has been working really hard to understand the plant life cycle. She planted some pea and broccoli seeds and has watched them germinate and grow into seedlings. She watered them regularly in their trays and once they were established, she transferred them into the ground.

She has been observing plants growing and has also helped her mum with gardening, including weeding the flower patch.

Well done Simran – it is wonderful to be able to see your seeds growing into strong and healthy plants. The flowers look beautiful and I hope that the peas and broccoli taste delicious!