Eva’s update

Today, I received an update from Eva’s mum about some of the fantastic activities that Eva and her sister, Lola, have been doing over the past months. 

For their living things project, Eva and her family studied caterpillars and their transformation into butterflies. The girls had 5 caterpillars which they watched grow and saw them form chrysalises. Next, they were put into a butterfly enclosure until they became butterflies. They were then fed fresh fruit and the girls released them a few days later.

At the start of lockdown, Eva and her family we were lucky enough to get an allotment locally. The plot was a huge mass of weeds but the girls have worked so hard in getting it up to scratch and have planted lots of fruit and vegetables. They have studied the plant life cycle and the allotment has really brought it to life for them.

They also took part in a competition on the allotment to build a bug hotel which has been placed in the allotment’s nature garden.

Eva has enjoyed studying electricity and building circuits and understanding what types of components are needed to make a complete circuit.

Eva and Lola have also both been studying different countries and cultures.

Best of all, Eva can now make a brilliant cup of tea and has mastered a chilli con carne this week!

Wow Eva – this is wonderful! I can see that you have been very keeping busy and it’s fantastic that you have been learning so much in a fun and practical way. Well done!

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