Brilliant Biology

During our current science topic, Year 4 have been learning about how the digestive system works and about which organs of the body are involved in digestion.

First, we studied scientific diagrams of the digestive system in order to identify the different organs involved in digestion before creating our own labelled models using a variety of materials and resources.

Next, we carried out investigations in groups to help us to understand and demonstrate the different stages of the digestive system – it was a bit messy but lots of fun and it really helped us to understand what happens to our food as it passes through our bodies.

Knights, Castles and Dragons

As Year 4 returned to school this week, we discovered a dragon and a nest of eggs in our classroom.  We have been learning to share our own opinions and make predictions about why the dragon may have chosen our classroom to lay their eggs. As we begin our new topic, we hope to find out more about this mysterious creature.