World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day 2020, lots of our children and staff came to school dressed up as characters from books. In the morning, the whole school gathered together in the gym to watch a performance of ‘The Greatest Fairy Tale Ever Told’ by Hobgoblin Theatre Company. The play contained lots of fairy tale characters that we recognised and Year 4 especially enjoyed the funny parts. During the rest of the day, we challenged ourselves as part of a World Book Day quiz, we read with our buddy class, Reception, and took part in some other book themed activities.

Visit from DJ Nathan Dawe

On Thursday 30th January, a DJ called Nathan Dawe came to visit our school. We were able to ask questions about his job and how he became a DJ. We also asked about things that he enjoys and what his school life was like. It was interesting to find out that he played the trumpet when he was younger, like a number of children at our school do.

Chinese New Year

On Friday 24th January, Reception and Year 4 met to celebrate Chinese New Year. We learnt the story behind the Chinese zodiac, we looked at decorations and watched videos of Chinese dragon and lion dances. We also sampled prawn crackers and fortune cookies.

Schools Linking at Walsall Art Gallery

On Friday 17th January, Year 4 had the opportunity to visit Walsall Art Gallery, along with a class of Year 5 children from Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy, as part of a Schools Linking project.

During the day, children from both classes mixed together to carry out a number of different activities such as drawing, Plasticine modelling and drawing their own designs on polystyrene tiles and using different choices of coloured inks and paper to create prints.

Both classes learnt new artistic skills, explored and discussed a variety of art work created by a number of artists and created new friendships during the day.

We look forward to working with the children from Reedswood again later in the year.

Fire Safety visit

On Monday 13th January, Year 4 were visited by Bloxwich Fire and Rescue team who came to teach us about fire and road safety.  It was extremely helpful and we learnt lots of important information about how to prevent fires and other accidents and what to do if there was a fire.


Hour of Code

On 12th December, Year 4 took part in the annual ‘Hour of code’.  During this afternoon, the children had the opportunity to complete a variety of coding activities.  Children had to work together and help each other to overcome obstacles and ‘debug’ errors in order to complete a range of challenges.

Visit to Selly Manor

As a fabulous finish to our Tudor topic, Year 3 and 4 visited a Tudor house, called Selly Manor, in Bourneville, Birmingham.  During our visit, we impressed our guide with our fantastic knowledge of the Tudor royal family.  We took part in a number of activities such as trying on the types of clothing that rich and poor Tudors would have worn and playing with Tudor games and toys such as cup and ball, Jacob’s ladder, juggling balls, diablo and five stones.  During the afternoon, we were given a tour of Selly Manor where we learnt about what everyday life would have been like in Tudor times.

Take a look at some photographs from our trip.

Pupil leadership meetings

This half term, Year 4 have had the opportunity to work with their partner class, Reception, to carry out some shared activities.

So far the Year 4 children have enjoyed choosing and sharing some wonderful stories with buddies from their partner class.  The children read the books together, with Year 4 helping the younger children, and discussed what was happening in the story, who the characters were and which were their favourite types of books.


After harvest festival, Year 4 and Reception also met to share their delicious harvest bread and to talk to each other about what they had been learning about harvest.




Brilliant Biology

During our current science topic, Year 4 have been learning about how the digestive system works and about which organs of the body are involved in digestion.

First, we studied scientific diagrams of the digestive system in order to identify the different organs involved in digestion before creating our own labelled models using a variety of materials and resources.

Next, we carried out investigations in groups to help us to understand and demonstrate the different stages of the digestive system – it was a bit messy but lots of fun and it really helped us to understand what happens to our food as it passes through our bodies.

Knights, Castles and Dragons

As Year 4 returned to school this week, we discovered a dragon and a nest of eggs in our classroom.  We have been learning to share our own opinions and make predictions about why the dragon may have chosen our classroom to lay their eggs. As we begin our new topic, we hope to find out more about this mysterious creature.