Aidan’s projects

Aidan would like to share his completed Ancient Egypt project and his science project; a fact file about the praying mantis. Aidan said he has found it really interesting to learn all about Ancient Egypt and that he has enjoyed learning about Tutankhamun the most. He has also said he would love to visit the wonderful country and see the pyramids of Giza and Tutankhamun’s tomb!

Well done for all of your hard work Aidan – I can tell that a great deal of time and effort has gone into the research and presentation of your projects.  

Simran’s update

Today, I received an update from Simran’s mum about some of the activities that she has been doing at home.

Simran has been working really hard to understand the plant life cycle. She planted some pea and broccoli seeds and has watched them germinate and grow into seedlings. She watered them regularly in their trays and once they were established, she transferred them into the ground.

She has been observing plants growing and has also helped her mum with gardening, including weeding the flower patch.

Well done Simran – it is wonderful to be able to see your seeds growing into strong and healthy plants. The flowers look beautiful and I hope that the peas and broccoli taste delicious!

Eva’s update

Today, I received an update from Eva’s mum about some of the fantastic activities that Eva and her sister, Lola, have been doing over the past months. 

For their living things project, Eva and her family studied caterpillars and their transformation into butterflies. The girls had 5 caterpillars which they watched grow and saw them form chrysalises. Next, they were put into a butterfly enclosure until they became butterflies. They were then fed fresh fruit and the girls released them a few days later.

At the start of lockdown, Eva and her family we were lucky enough to get an allotment locally. The plot was a huge mass of weeds but the girls have worked so hard in getting it up to scratch and have planted lots of fruit and vegetables. They have studied the plant life cycle and the allotment has really brought it to life for them.

They also took part in a competition on the allotment to build a bug hotel which has been placed in the allotment’s nature garden.

Eva has enjoyed studying electricity and building circuits and understanding what types of components are needed to make a complete circuit.

Eva and Lola have also both been studying different countries and cultures.

Best of all, Eva can now make a brilliant cup of tea and has mastered a chilli con carne this week!

Wow Eva – this is wonderful! I can see that you have been very keeping busy and it’s fantastic that you have been learning so much in a fun and practical way. Well done!

Fantastic Jurassic World recount and film review

For his English project, Aidan decided to write a retell of his favourite film, Jurassic World, along with a review of the film.  Aidan has worked so hard on this piece of work; first by writing a draft of the story and then editing and improving it.

He and his family have put so much effort into this but it has also given Aidan an excuse to re-watch the film several times too, which I’m sure he was very happy about!

It has taken him several weeks to complete this piece of writing but he has worked hard and has shown great perseverance. Well done Aidan – what a great piece of writing – you should be very proud of yourself!

Excellent Egyptians work

For her Ancient Egyptians project, Elissa has created this fantastic board game. What a wonderful idea! When we are back at school, I would love to play it and I’m sure the rest of the class would too! Well done Elissa.

Fabulous French!

Year 4’s French lesson this week was about clothes and food. It also contained a recipe for crepes (pancakes).

Jack’s family followed the recipe and sent this message and some photographs to share with you all: “We have really enjoyed making crepes for our French lesson today and we have enjoyed eating them for lunch.”

I’m so pleased you enjoyed making crepes – they look delicious! Well done Jack and family!

The recipe is below – why not try making some with your family?

Year 4 update 4.06.2020

Hello Year 4 and families,

I hope that you are all well.

Today I received a message and a some photographs from Rowan’s family who wanted to share some of the things that they have been doing during lockdown.

This week, Rowan’s older brother’s school held a virtual sports day so the whole family decided to attempt some of the challenges at home.

Here are photographs of Rowan and his sister Libby doing the stork challenge, jumping over an obstacle and the long jump – I hope no one fell into the paddling pool!

They have been planting their own vegetables.

They have also been cooking rainbow toasties!

As well as these activities, they have also been doing lots of school work.

Thank you so much to Rowan’s family. It’s great to see that you have been enjoying doing lots of fun activities. Wow – what a wonderful idea to set up your own sports day at home! Maybe some of the other members of Year 4 would like to try this. I wonder what other activities you might choose to include in your very own sports day?

As always, I love to receive your pictures and to read about the activities that you have been doing at home. If you would like your messages and photographs to be added to our blog, please email them ‘For the attention of Miss Guy’ to

Take care everyone.

Miss Guy x

Year 4 timetable update 1st June – IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Hello Year 4 and families,

I hope that you are all well.

Please note that the weekly timetable on the Year 4 home learning page has been updated for this week but unfortunately the date is incorrect. It still states 18th May but should read 1st June. This will be corrected as soon as possible.

Until then, please continue to use the links within the timetable on the Year 4 page for this week as they are correct.

Take care.

Miss Guy x


*The timetable has now been corrected.

Year 4 updates 21.05.2020

Hello Year 4,

I hope that you are all well and that you have been keeping busy, staying safe and enjoying the sunshine.

Since the end of last week and throughout this week I have received lots more lovely emails, photographs, pieces of work and updates on the wonderful things that you have been doing at home. I really enjoy finding out what you have been doing and it is lovely to see you working hard and enjoying the projects and activities that you have been set. I would have loved to have been doing these activities with you but it is great to see how well you have been working both independently and with your families – I am very proud.

I’m sorry that there has been a delay in receiving some of your messages. These are all of the messages that I have received or have been passed on to me at the moment. If yours has not been included this time, please don’t worry as I will continue to update the blog when I receive further emails.

I hope that you will enjoy sharing all of the lovely things that these members of our class have been doing.

VE Day Celebrations

Aidan’s VE Day Celebration

Aidan and Oliver would like to share some photographs of their VE Day celebrations. 
They made some scones for a VE day tea party, made some bunting and decorations for the outside of their house and listened to some war time music while they had their tea party. 
They also received a lovely note from a gentlemen who lives opposite them. He kindly bought the boys a stash of sweets and left a note explaining why he had done so.

Jack’s VE Day Celebration

Jack and his brother Jayden enjoyed making paper chains and decorated the outside of their house with them. They also dressed in red, white and blue for the day.

Michael’s VE Day Celebration

Michael decorated his window with union flag bunting to celebrate VE Day.

Michael’s work

Michael and his mom sent an email about what he has been up to:

Michael says, “I have been doing Maths, Matilda, Ancient Egyptians and I made a flower at Mom’s school. While I was at Mom’s school I learnt about dementia.”

Michael also has some bean seeds which have germinated and are ready to plant in his allotment.

Jack’s Super Science – Growing

Jack and his brother Jayden have been busy growing strawberries, cucumbers, runner beans, peas and tomatoes. I’m sure they will taste delicious when they are fully grown!

Rowan’s Ancient Egyptians Project

Rowan has created a PowerPoint presentation containing lots of fascinating facts about the Ancient Egyptians.

A message from Elissa

On 20th May, Elissa sent this message, along with these photographs of beautiful pictures that she had created, to me and Mrs Watts as it was ‘National Thank a Teacher Day’.

“A big thank you for all that you do for me. Missing seeing you everyday.  Love Elissa xx”

It was so thoughtful and we really appreciated it – thank you Elissa!

Aidan’s work

Yesterday, I received this message from Aidan and his mom about the work that he has been doing at home:

“Aidan has been working very hard with his English lessons via Nation Oak Academy, and his Maths lessons via White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize and he would like to share some of the work he has been doing over the past couple of weeks.
Aidan has been watching lots of clips about Ancient Egypt and also reading some books we have here at home. He has created a timeline of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation using Purple Mash and read about the different dynasties. He has also created his own cartouche, an Ancient Egyptian name plate, and copied some of the artwork from my own piece of papyrus from Egypt.”

Aidan says, “I am finding learning about the Egyptians very interesting. I’m going to be making an Egyptian sarcophagus and I’ll wrap one of my figures in toilet paper so it looks like a mummy!” 

“During his English lessons last week the focus was on persuasive writing. The children were asked to come up with their own persuasive rap and Aidan chose to do his on the importance of recycling. Here is Aidan’s rap below.”

“Aidan has also completed a mind map of his favourite place to visit, Exmouth. He took inspiration from Michael and also did a mind map to show information about Exmouth and the places he loves to visit and things he likes to do while we are there.”

Wow – so many wonderful things to share!

If you would like to share what you have been doing, please send your photographs and messages to

I really love receiving your updates and I will be happy to add them to the class blog for you.

Take care and keep smiling everyone!

Miss Guy x

Year 4 update

Hello Year 4,

I hope that you are all happy and well.

I would like to share some more of the photographs that have been sent in by members of our class and their families. Thank you for sharing them – it is lovely to see what you have been doing.

Dexie’s photographs

Dexie and her sister Skyla have been working hard on their home learning tasks.

They have also been keeping active by climbing trees and playing on the trampoline.

Dexie and Skyla had a party to celebrate what would have been the end of the SATs for Year 6.

Courtney’s photographs

Courtney has been busy doing her home learning tasks.

Lily’s work

Lily has been busy finding out lots of information about the Ancient Egyptians as part of our Year 4 project.

Max’s work

Max has been spotting lots of different types of wildlife along the canal during walks with his family. I was very excited to hear that he even spotted a turtle!

If you wish to share any photographs or pieces of work that you have been doing at home, please email them to and I will add them to the class blog for you.

Take care and keep smiling!

Miss Guy x